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The Existing Market structure of fruits and vegetables does not adequately address the complex problems of farmers. It has low marketing efficiency, high post-harvest losses and does not foster competitiveness. A modern innovative system that can reduce the vested interests of a large intermediary chain, create competition, assure quality and modernize operations with IT applications in handling of fruits and vegetables, is necessary to raise income of actual farmers.

Renowned economists have mentioned that trade and exchange allow us to benefit from specialization and obtain welfare gains. Trade and exchange require the existence of markets. Agriculture markets are the hub of rural economy. Agricultural marketing today means more than linking the producer with consumer, it includes creation of favorable economic environment for farmers to enthuse him to grow more and get proceeds from transactions. Many alternative forms, such as, cooperative marketing, group marketing, contract marketing, futures trading, direct marketing and e-com-electronic commerce are in wake to enable the producers to maximize the share in consumers rupee and delivering a quality produce at affordable price to consumer. Agricultural produce markets are nerve centers from where marketing impulses are transmitted to put all the marketing activity on track and safeguard the interest of both farmers and consumers.

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